Annual Meeting 2018

2018 Annual Meeting and Certificate Program Information

Annual Meeting 2018

“Bridging the World Through Patient Blood Management Partnerships”.

Patient Blood Management is at the heart of what we do! SABM delivers the science of PBM as we advance our mission to improve health, increase safety, and reduce healthcare costs through the promotion of knowledge and practice in Patient Blood Management. The SABM 2018 Annual Meeting will feature the following Highlights:

Wednesday, All Day

SABM PBM Certificate Course with Exam

SABM is excited to present what is the first comprehensive Patient Blood Management Certificate Course! This course has been developed by very dedicated and passionate SABM members who are recognized experts in the field of PBM. The course will be offered at the SABM annual meeting and will be of great value to any PBM nurse, PBM coordinator/director, Bloodless Medicine Coordinator, TSO’s, physician PBM medical Director, PBM champions, and advocates. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to be among those who earn the SABM PBM Certificate! What you will learn in one day!

  • Leadership, Teamwork and Change Management
  • Law, Ethics and Patient Rights
  • Physiology of Anemia and Oxygen Delivery
  • Pre-op Evaluation and Preparation of the Surgical Patient
  • Peri-operative PBM
  • The Clotting Cascade
  • Blood Administration and Transfusion Safety
  • Data Collection for Evaluation of Transfusion Practice
  • Profound Anemia when Blood is not an Option

Thursday Morning

Patient Blood Management Program Implementation Bonus Session

Thursday Afternoon

PBM Industry Workshops

Friday Morning – General International Session

Patient Blood Management Challenges and Successes from Global Perspectives

Reports from PBM organizations around the world!

The Approach to PBM in Resource-Poor Regions

Keynote Address: “Blood on Their Hands”– by co-author Donna Shaw

The dramatic exposé of how idealistic attorneys and their heroic, mortally-ill HIV clients

fought to achieve justice and prevent further infections.

Friday Afternoon – PBM Workshops

Management of anemia

Management of coagulation and bleeding in surgical patients

Strengthening of PBM Programs using quality, safety and financial metrics

Best Posters Session

Saturday – General Session

Anemia Management in Cardiac Surgery

PBM in High-Risk Obstetrics

Blood Conservation Strategies in Pediatrics and Cardiac Surgery

PBM Research: Top Ten PBM Articles of the Year

SABM Annual Meeting Registration, PBM Certificate Course REGISTRATION and HOTEL ACCOMMODATION information coming soon!