BMAW Promoting

Hospital Strategies

  • Promote planned PBMAW activities throughout the week at physician, nursing and executive leadership meetings ("pop-up" presentations)
  • Create a PBMAW screen saver with you hospital marketing/PR department to run on hospital computers before and during PBMAW
  • Highlight the Bloodless/Blood Conservation/Blood Management Program in the October/November hospital newsletter or other hospital media
  • Send an email blast to hospital staff (with leadership's approval) about PBMAW and any planned events
  • Place table displays (table tents) in the cafeteria or other appropriate locations (e.g. nursing units, waiting rooms)
  • Organize a press release with your marketing department to highlight blood management and the unique efforts being made by your hospital Host a "Blood Management Champion" dinner or lunch to recognize key stakeholders in the program (this does not have to be overly formal or expensive)
  • Email hospital leadership an article or reference discussing the growing national interest in blood management and the benefits of having a comprehensive program at the hospital– (e.g. References to the proposed Joint Commission Blood Management Performance Measures, The Wall Street Journal article–"Hospitals Seek to Limit Use of Transfusions" – Oct 29, 2008, etc.)
  • Organize a strategic planning session with a core group (510) of physician, nursing and executive "Blood Management Champions" to discuss opportunities for growth and improvement in 2010

Physician Strategies

  • Develop formal certificates/ awards for clinical champions that have been essential to your program's growth and development
  • Provide educational CME program(s) for the clinical staff utilizing internal or external experts
  • Display blood management posters in the Physician's Lounge

Nursing Strategies

  • Display blood management posters in each nursing break room that shows the importance of appropriate blood use and nursing's role in blood management
  • Develop a blood management and transfusion safety test or quiz for the nursing staff, with prizes for best scores

Community Strategies

  • Organize a community educational program to promote the impact of blood management programs on the community and in improving patient care
  • Provide educational materials in the hospital lobby, cafeteria, or other ideal location on blood management related topics

    • Arrange to have for give away items at the table – pens, pads, etc.
  • Provide hemoglobin/anemia screening for staff and/or community (if approved by hospital leadership) Provide information about anemia and blood management after screening