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Job Listings

Added July 6, 2021
Job Status: Available
Position Title: Clinical Director Patient Blood Management
Employer: Allegheny Health Network

Job Description:

GENERAL OVERVIEW:  This role functions as a member of an inter-disciplinary team that supports the principles of Patient Blood Management (PBM) for all AHN patients.  This includes oversight of the care of Bloodless Medicine patients, management of anemia in pre-surgical and hospitalized patients and optimization of transfusion use in our health system. This position leverages an approach for our health system grounded in evidence based strategies, collaboration, and a true clinical viewpoint allowing expansion of PBM and its principles across AHN. This role is expected to provide clinical expertise, strategic thinking, and leadership support for strategic implementation of a system Anemia Clinic and implement other solutions to transfusion related challenges.  Works collaboratively to expand PBM principles across our network and continue implementation of the pillars of PBM. In addition to engaging with clinicians across the health system, the individual will provide clinical expertise for clinical operations on the advancement of our PBM program across AHN, including Quality, Safety, Value, Informatics, and Research.  Leverages ongoing collaboration and coordination of clinical resources, analytic, technical, strategic, and business teams to achieve advancement of PBM strategies.

Contact: Molly Kosoglow
Contact Title: Transfusion Safety Director
Contact Phone: 412-477-9323
Contact Email:
Contact URL: