Our Mission

To improve health, increase safety, and reduce healthcare costs through the advancement of scientific knowledge and practice in patient blood management.

Our Vision

Comprehensive patient blood management will be the global standard of care.

Why support our mission?

Blood transfusion is costly to us all! While blood transfusion is safer than it has ever been, serious health risks remain. Evidence shows that patient outcomes are better when transfusions are reduced.

  • Documented risks include potentially fatal transfusion reactions, acute lung injury, immune system changes that may lead to increased infection rate and circulatory overload.

In addition, recent studies report that the average cost of transfusing one unit of red blood cells is $1200.

  • Up to 50% of transfusions are prescribed for no justifiable reason at a societal cost of $8.4 billion USD, excluding complication costs
  • Demand for blood will outstrip supply as the population ages
  • Transfused patients often have longer hospital stays, increasing consumption of hospital resources and costs

Educated physicians are the key to effective decision making. A transfusion that does not benefit exposes the patient to increased risk. SABM® is recognized as the premier provider of professional education in patient blood management. We have led the way in researching and promoting effective patient blood management strategies that not only improve patient safety but also help reduce healthcare costs.