Ongoing Research

  • Transfusion in pediatric trauma
    Nabil Hassan
  • ESA’s use in a children’s hospital
    Nabil Hassan
  • Efficacy of high dose oral iron
    Nabil Hassan
  • Transfusion in ARDS
    Surender Rajasekaran
    Nabil Hassan
  • Feromoxytol in pediatric anemia
    Nabil Hassan
  • Survey of Plasma Transfusion Practice Patterns
    Oliver Karam, PALISI
  • Transfusion epidemiology and impact of interaction between blood products
    Jacques Lacriox
    Marisa Tucci
    Helen Trottier
  • Transfusion and storage duration effect on monocyte and T-cell function
    Mark Hall, PALISI
  • Role of RBC preservative upon immune function following transfusion
    Jenn Muszynski, PALISI
  • Incidence and outcomes for catheter related DVT
    Vince Faustino, PALISI
  • Immune, Coagulation, Microparticle and Microchimerism effects of RBC storage age – An Ancillary Study of the ABLE Trial
    Phil Spinella, PALISI
  • Mechanism and Repository Study (MARS) of the RECESS Trial
    Phil Spinella, PALISI
  • Implementation and Dissemination of a Blood Conservation Program
    Jen York
    Allan Doctor
  • Analysis of packed red blood cell transfusion history in the pediatric intensive care units
    (PICU and PCICU) from 2000-2010
    Caroline Ozment, PALISI
  • Development of a Transfusion Module within VPS
    Sheila Hanson, PALISI
  • International survey on frozen plasma transfusion practices
    Oliver Karam, PALISI