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Obtaining Permissions
If you are interested in reprinting and distributing any item or content contain within www.sabm.org, www.anemia.org, or www.iron.sabm.org web domains, such request should be made by visiting www.sabm.org/contact. There you will be asked to provide the following information:
  1. Your name, address, fax, and email address;
  2. The item or content that you would like to reprint and distribute;
  3. Your purpose for requesting to reprint and distribute such item or content;
  4. Number of copies of your publication to be reprinted;
  5. Name of your publisher, if you are seeking permission for your book;
  6. Name of the company or other organization, if you are seeking permission for distribution through a company or other organization;
  7. If you would like to use such item or content for your Web site, then the following information must be provided:
Description of your Web site;
The intended audience, how many visitors you anticipate, and the dates the material will be made available;
If an access code is required, pleased provide us with exact details, including password and URL;
Can material be downloaded from your web site?
Details regarding a fee—if one is required—to access your web site.
Responses to reprint/distribution requests will be responded to within 15 days of receipt.
Any questions about the request should be directed to admin@sabm.org.